TeleHealth Online

Cath Adams Counselling offer online Telehealth therapy sessions via Skype, Zoom or Facetime to provide face to face counselling session without having to leave your home or workplace to attend your appointment. This type of counselling is popular with people who are time limited and unable to travel, have anxieties around leaving the home or mobility issues. It is a convenient way for people to talk to a counsellor in their familiar environment.

Research indicates that online counselling is beneficial for individuals with difficulties attending sessions in person. More private discussions around subjects such as shame or sexual dysfunction can easier to have as online therapy. However, more common counselling topics such as relationships, additions and stress management can also be delivered online. Initiation of online counselling is relatively easy if you already use Skype, Zoom or Facetime. Please contact us today to make an appointment for online counselling.  Make an Online Appointment.

For any life threatening situation, or health episode, or condition contact “000” without hesitation.