Stress Management

Everyone experiences stress at different times throughout their lives and we all have heard of “Fight or Flight” response. Stress can develop and persist due to external pressures such as employment situations, family relationships/events, change in circumstance, financial hardship or social expectations. Episodic Stress can be experienced due to a trigger relating to our present life situations (i.e. a stressor); while there may be short term impact, generally with support we can cope and continue with our lives. A very severe episodic stress event however may contribute to longer term psychological issues (e.g. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD]). Chronic Stress occurs when stress factors are not managed over a longer term; impacts are harder felt and coping is less effective. Chronic stress may lead to serious emotional and physical health conditions (e.g. anger, despair, burnout, anxiety and depression). Stress affects individuals differently and may prompt unhealthy behaviours like over-eating, substance abuse, relationship breakdown, anti-social behaviour, violence, social withdrawal and self-harm.

At Cath Adams Counselling, we assist clients to:

• Become aware of the symptoms of individual stress, understand causes and manage the stressors leading to unwanted pressures.
• Demonstrate the importance of “opening-up” and discussing their life situation and stressors;
• Provide tools tailored towards (as applicable):
Remedial health (e.g. relaxation, exercise and medical support); or,
The nature of the stressor (e.g. financial hardship, relationship etc.); or,
Associated behaviour correction (e.g. addictions, anger management, self-harm etc.).