Gender Dysphoria

Transgender or “Trans” is a term used to describe people whose gender identity is different to the gender they were assigned at birth. The number of transgender people in Australia and throughout the world is increasing as more people choose to identify as transgender. People of all ages, ethnicities and religions can identify as transgender, thus it is a very diverse community. Diversity within this community is expressed by the way that transgender people identity. This can include non-binary, gender-queer, gender-fluid, male, female or androgynous.

The transgender community faces a unique set of challenges including transphobia, discrimination/vilification, lack of acceptance, harassment, transgender violence, being misgendered, barriers to healthcare and identity controls on legal documents. Transgender people want and need to be recognised, understood and accepted.

At Cath Adams Counselling, our counsellors understand the transgender community and know how to support individuals, friends and families. We have a variety of strategies to support transgender people and maintain a range of professional networks to refer our transgender clients to regarding health needs and advocacy.