Depression is a medical condition that many people may experience in their lives. It affects mood, emotions, how we cope with situations and how we think. At times we all may feel “down” or “flat” while attempting to deal with life situations; but depression is prolonged and more intense. Depression can be genetic, a result of ongoing illness, caused by drug and alcohol use or other challenging life events. Depression can affect the way we feel, think, behave and have physical implications regarding health. Some examples are problems sleeping, withdrawal from friends/family, feeling overwhelmed, sad, irritable or frustrated. People with depression can have intense feelings of failure, self-criticism or guilt. Depression may be diagnosed as: major (generalised) depression; anti or post-natal depression; seasonal affective disorder (SAD); or bipolar disorder. The road to recovery and management is different for everyone but there are a range of treatments available.

At Cath Adams Counselling we assist our clients to understand their depression, the causes and triggers. Our aim is to transition the client’s unhelpful thought patterns to improved behaviours and healthy lifestyles. Management techniques are discussed with the client and their progress is measured around their accomplishment of strategies and how the individual recognise their own growth while facing new and existing challenges.