Anger Management

We can all feel angry at different stages of our lives as anger is a natural human emotion. Feelings of anger vary considerably across individuals; triggers making one person angry, may have little or no impact on other people. However, anger can be a destructive emotion due to the how it is expressed, actions taken in anger by the individual and how those impact the people around them.

Through counselling with the application of strategies, the affected individual can learn to manage anger more effectively. At Cath Adams Counselling our counsellors work with clients to firstly understand and then acknowledge their feelings and interactions around anger. Our counselling strategies assist our clients to manage anger through:

• Openly discussing their life situation;
• Exploring past triggers, expression/communication and behaviours;
• Developing awareness of the progression of their feelings of anger; and,
• Providing tools to support better communication, promote greater empathy, suppress negative actions and choose alternative and positive reactions in anger stimulating situations.