Abuse Counselling

A person (adult or child) who has been abused maybe left with effects that can change their life. There are many different forms of abuse: physical abuse, emotional / psychological abuse, sexual abuse, financial abuse and spiritual abuse. Survivors of abuse are often left with psychological effects and they can experience trust issues, anger, shame, loss of confidence / self-esteem, anxiety and depression. Abusers often do not recognise their behaviour to be unacceptable as they themselves may have been victims of long-term abuse or other social / cultural behaviour conditioning.

At Cath Adams Counselling our team work to help both the victims and perpetrators of abuse. For people experiencing abuse we:

• Prioritise the protection of the victim’s safety and mental health;
• Assist with identifying strategies and support resources to stop the abuse; and,
• Support and counsel the victim to overcome the emotional, physical and psychological impacts from abuse.

For people wishing to correct their abusive behaviours, Cath Adams Counselling consultants will:

• Openly discuss the person’s life situation and their own abuse experiences;
• Assist the person to recognise and acknowledge their unacceptable behaviours; and,
• Provide tools to support better communication, anger management and choose alternative and positive reactions in conflict situations.