Make an Online Appointment

Skype, Zoom & FaceTime Counselling

Cath Adams Counselling offers a multi-platform Internet counselling services. This is ideal for remote, accessibility or time-challenged people seeking solutions to life challenges. To access please follow this three-step process:

Step 1: Configure your preferred App on your device. Know your “UserName” (SkypeName) and confirm that your App works (e.g. test both video and audio with a friend or family member).

Step 2: Use our “Contact” webpage to book an appointment. In Message section, state appointment type e.g. “Skype-Appointment”, your UserName (or mobile number if Facetime) and requested day/date/time.  Make and Online Appointment.

Step 3: Be ready and relaxed. Perhaps list 3-5 dot-point reminders you wish to discuss. Have your device connected and charged. Dedicate your time and set up in a space to ensure your own privacy and avoid interruptions.

Cath Adams Counselling uses an Apple device platform; therefore Android users should use Skype to ensure best video/audio quality. Please be prepared to settle your appointment fee by credit card.